Special Event Coverage from SECURA

Don’t let an event to remember become a claim you’d rather forget

There are so many details in planning any special event, and likely, insurance isn’t the first thing you check off the list. More likely, you’ll reach out to your agent with a frantic question: “We’re having a special event next week. Does my policy cover that?”

That’s a loaded question. Depending on the carrier, type of coverage, and type of event, the answer may not be black and white. So, why chance it?

A short- or long-term special event policy from SECURA Specialty Lines might be a better option with a very affordable premium.

Here are five reasons you should consider Special Event coverage for your next event.

Former farm kids – Today’s farm insurance experts

Dave Schlichting’s story

We have a confession. Unlike most of his colleagues on the Farm-Ag Underwriting team, Dave Schlichting, SECURA Vice President – Farm/Ag Underwriting , did not officially grow up on a farm. He’s one generation removed from the homestead, but he’s no stranger to farm life. And most importantly, he’s passionate about the industry he serves.

5 things you should expect in the event of a disaster

SECURA claims service delivers genuine compassion, care, and coverage

It’s a heart stopping moment when you realize your property has been destroyed.

Adrenaline and emotions are in overdrive, and it’s difficult to think clearly. You are so overwhelmed, but thankfully, if you have insurance coverage from SECURA, you won’t have to go through this alone.

What should you do? What should you expect? Here are five things you should expect from our SECURA claims team if you face a disaster or – as we say in the insurance industry – a large loss.

Dealt a bad hand while traveling? Travel Rescuer reshuffles the deck

Delayed flights and lost luggage often headline the list of concerns for travelers, but they are minor inconveniences compared to severe illness, missing prescriptions, or serious injury away from home.

With Travel RescuerSM, included with every MILE-STONE Gold home & auto policy, you have a lifeline for these and many other emergency situations while traveling 100 or more miles from home.

Take a closer look at the scenarios below to find out how Travel Rescuer can be your biggest ally while traveling.

For more information about Travel Rescuer, find a SECURA agent near you.

Stuck in the mud? Don’t let your business get bogged down by soggy conditions

Muddy conditions can spring up any time of year, but they’re especially prevalent (and costly) in the spring. The risks to businesses are trifold, including loss of production, equipment issues, and potential for employee injuries.