SECURA holds groundbreaking event to officially kick off construction of new corporate office

The future site of SECURA’s new corporate office was full of activity on June 22, as many gathered for the company's official groundbreaking ceremony. Approximately 60 guests filled a small area of the construction site, surrounded by heavy-duty equipment. Dave Gross, SECURA’s President & CEO, led the event with a reflection on the company’s long history of success and the bright future the company aspires to continue in the Fox Cities.

SECURA’s company culture also took center stage as Dave explained that the vision for this building was shaped by SECURA’s history, our perspective as a mutual insurance company, and our associates. Read on for excerpts of his inspiring remarks.

9 tips to help you stay awake and be more alert at your job

Tired construction worker Whether you work construction, retail, or in an office setting, feeling drowsy at your job increases the risk of making a mistake. Those mistakes can lead to accidents, putting you, your employer, and your coworkers at risk.

The National Sleep Foundation indicates that sleepy workers are 70 percent more likely to be involved in accidents than workers who are more alert. The organization also states that employees who regularly have trouble sleeping are far more likely to be involved in industrial accidents.

Understanding the insurance needs of commercial child care providers

Daycare Insurance Requirements

Commercial child care insurance requirements

It’s no secret that children can be a little (well, more than a little) unpredictable. While commercial child care professionals expect just about anything, the proper insurance coverage provides protection against the unexpected.

As a daycare owner, the kids you care for are your top priority, but when it comes to insuring your business, they are one of many factors to consider. You also may have employees and property that require coverage. Caring for children exposes your business to many liability issues, and in today’s litigation culture, it’s important that you have coverage for incidents and potential legal action.

Vacation Car Rental Insurance: What You Need to Know

Planning to rent a car for summer vacation? Review your insurance coverage before you go. Don’t wait until you reach the rental car counter, where you might feel pressured to make a quick decision and buy extra coverage. Do your homework ahead of time and figure out if you need the rental company’s insurance.
Does car insurance cover rental cars

6 Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Accidents happen, and they’re always stressful and inconvenient. Even if you’re a safe driver, it makes sense to plan ahead and know how to respond, in case a fender bender or more serious collision occurs. Follow these steps to stay safe and help ensure a smooth, efficient resolution:
  1. Check for injuries and call an ambulance if needed. 
  2. If safe, move the cars out of traffic. 
  3. Call the police and request an accident report. 
  4. Exchange information with the other driver. 
  5. Get name, address, driver’s license number, and insurance provider. Document the scene. Take pictures. Sketch a diagram of the accident and record vehicle info (make, damage, license plate) for all vehicles involved. (Click the form below to download a printable accident report form to keep in your car.) 
  6. Notify your insurance agent within 24 hours.