Former farm kids — Today's farm insurance experts

Kevin Schock’s story

Most people would probably consider someone who majored in agricultural studies and minored in agronomy at Iowa State University to be more than proficient when it comes to farm knowledge. Tack on actual firsthand farming experience, and you have a true expert.

Kevin Schock, Farm & Agribusiness Underwriter, grew up living and working on a 400-acre grain operation run by his parents in Northwest Iowa. They also raised hogs and cattle that Kevin enjoyed showing at the county fair through 4-H.

“Working to get the animals ready for the fair is one of my favorite memories as a kid,” Kevin said. “It was fun to watch all your hard work pay off on show day. And even when it didn’t, you still had all the friendships you made along the way.”

Kevin worked alongside his five siblings to feed livestock, tend to the crops, and all the duties that come along with farm life.  Being able to spend time with his family made all the hard work worth it for Kevin and made them a tight-knit group.

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