10 Space heater safety tips

With cold weather gripping many parts of the country, space heaters can help keep our homes warm. If you use a space heater, keep these safety tips in mind.

• Have a gate, guard, or grate around the space heater's elements.

• Make sure the space heater meets the safety standards of Underwriters Laboratory (UL).

• Keep a space heater at least 3 feet away from drapery, furniture, waste baskets, and other combustible materials.

• Never allow children or pets near a space heater.

• Turn a space heater off when you leave and while you sleep.

• Do not use heaters in wet or damp areas, by a sink, or in a bathroom.

• Discard any space heater that is old or damaged.

• Keep a space heater on a level surface.

• Install a working smoke alarm in any room where a space heater is located.

• Do not use a space heater to dry wet clothing or to warm bedding. Use space heaters only to warm a room.

Agency Spotlight – Millhiser Smith Agency

SECURA agency partner, Millhiser Smith Agency in Cedar Rapids, Ia., shined in the community and business world this year. The agency received both the "Agency of the Year" award by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), and was named the top insurance agency by the Corridor Business Journal, a publication in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area.

Millhiser Smith Agency was one of only three agencies in the nation to receive the "Agency of the Year" award by FEMA and NFIP. A major factor in the selection of the agency was its hosting and organizing of the Cedar Rapids Flood Forum to help the flood victims in Iowa.

More recently, it was named the top insurance agency by the Corridor Business Journal. The award showcases the agency's ability to stand out among others in the area, focusing on client relationships and risk management services.

We are proud to partner with Millhiser Smith Agency, and we extend our sincerest congratulations on its achievements this year in both business and the community.