SECURA's 2010 top-performing agencies go above and beyond

This week we applaud the efforts of our five top-performing agencies that went above and beyond to grow profitable business with SECURA in 2010.

No. 1 on the list is first-time award winner The McClone Agency, Inc., in Menasha, Wis. Brian McClone was on hand to accept the award from John Bykowski, President and CEO, at an awards ceremony last week at our annual Premier Conference in Florida. The McClone Agency has represented SECURA as an independent agency for 35 years.

Also accepting awards were:

• Tom Berra of the Charles L. Crane Agency Company in St. Louis, Mo., a five-time award winner and partner since 1994;

• Gary Ascher of Coverra Insurance Services, Inc., in Sparta, Wis., a four-time award winner and partner since 1994;

• Mike Larges and Greg Rummel from Emil Rummel Agency in Frankenmuth, Mich., a first-time award    winner and partner since 1953; and

• Frank Maurer and Mike Harrison of R&R Insurance Services in Waukesha, Wis., a five-time award winner and partner since 1976.

In addition, Milo LeBaron III from LeBaron & Carroll, LLC of Mesa, Ariz., accepted the Rookie of the Year Award. LeBaron & Carroll has represented SECURA since 2008.

To earn the prestigious recognition, the agencies met specific criteria based on their premium volume, profitability, growth, retention, and loss history.

Please join us in congratulating these award-winning agencies!

John Bykowski, SECURA's President & CEO, congratulates the 2010 top-performing agents. From left: Gary Ascher, Coverra Insurance Services, Inc.; Tom Berra, Charles L. Crane Agency Company; Frank Maurer, R&R Insurance Services, Inc.; John Bykowski; Brian McClone, The McClone Agency, Inc.; Mike Larges, Emil Rummel Agency, Inc.; Mike Harrison, R&R Insurance Services, Inc.; Greg Rummel, Emil Rummel Agency, Inc.; Milo LeBaron III, LeBaron & Carroll, LLC