Eight lives left: Cat covered by Pet Protector

Hanes is a 14-year-old "mouser" – and now a survivor.

"In this photo he looks a little worse for wear," said Rosemary, a SECURA MILE-STONE® policyholder from Columbus, Wis., who sent us this picture and her thanks after nearly losing her beloved cat last November.

"[The accident] happened as I was pulling up in my driveway just after dusk. Usually, Hanes is sitting on the front porch by the door, waiting on his leash. But this night I didn't see him," Rosemary said.

That's because Hanes was on the other side of the driveway, his leash stretched across the asphalt.

As Rosemary pulled up toward the garage, the unthinkable happened. Hanes' leash got caught under the tire and he was pulled into the tire well.

Luckily, Rosemary was able to rush her pet to a nearby emergency veterinarian, where he was treated overnight and released, alive and well.

Weeks later, after paying the $410 vet bill, Rosemary opened a letter from SECURA and noticed our coverage information on Pet ProtectorSM.

"I called my agent to check if I was covered, and miracle of miracles, I was!" exclaimed Rosemary. After her agent from Anton Insurance Agency confirmed coverage and submitted the claim, Rosemary received a call from SECURA's claims representative Ryan Felker.

"She was ecstatic that her Pet Protector coverage would take care of the vet bill at no expense to her," said Ryan, who spoke with Rosemary last month. "We confirmed the facts and issued her a payment right away."

As for Hanes, Rosemary says he is ready to retire. "He's doing well, but I don't think he'll be a mouser anymore."