Identity theft: You're not in this alone

Did you know that there are 17 identities stolen every minute in the U.S.? Sheryl Baier knows what it feels like to be a victim of identity fraud. She was getting ready to take her daughters on a vacation when she learned that a thief wiped out their bank accounts.

"We didn't have access to any money, except the small amount they left so that the accounts wouldn't be flagged for being closed," said Sheryl. "It was a really sickening feeling."

The bank was able to recover most of her money within a week, but her identity was still compromised.

Luckily, Sheryl is a SECURA MILE-STONE Gold policyholder and insurance agent with Vaaler Insurance in Bismarck, N.D., and her coverage includes help from SECURA'S Identity Theft 911 Knowledge Center®.

The center assigned a fraud specialist to personally walk Sheryl through the nightmare, and help restore and secure her good name.

Fraud specialists assist identity theft victims with everything from protecting people's accounts and identities to helping them recover from fraud.

Check out the wealth of articles and consumer tips to learn how you can reduce your chance of becoming a victim and protect your Social Security card, mail, checks, passwords, online activities, and much more.

Highly trained fraud specialists are available to limit the damage and resolve problems quickly.