SECURA celebrates milestone anniversaries

March 1, 2011 is a big day for SECURA. Our company is 111 years strong, and we celebrate our one-year anniversary of offering products for non-profits and specialty businesses.
Anniversaries inspire people to look back, and we're doing that too. The world certainly was a different place 111 years ago. In 1900, after a massive cyclone tore through New Richmond, Wis., our founders and charter members simply wanted to protect their own and their neighbors' farms from future devastation.
While this still holds true to us today, we've grown from a small farm insurance company into a super-regional carrier. We've gained many loyal agency partners, valued policyholders, and talented associates to our growing family. And we've built a strong line of products and coverages to help people focus on living out their dreams, knowing we've got them covered.
Agents: Get a slice of the excitement
We invite our agency partners to join the celebration. All the details are here.
Tell us about your SECURA connection
In the comments section below, share where you are from and how long you've been with us – whether you are an independent agent, one of our policyholders, or a SECURA associate.