Green comes easy

There is no "going green" at SECURA. For us, it's about finding ways to live a deeper shade of green. We have had an environmental focus since our inception in 1900, and today, we are only intensifying that focus. Earth Week and Arbor Day are two times in the year that invigorate our dedication to the Earth and remind us to do our part to ensure future generations have a safe and healthy place to grow and thrive.
This year, SECURA associates joined together in an effort to prove we can work efficiently while reducing our printing. We threw in a dose of competition by hosting a contest to see which department could reduce printing by the largest percentage. Our Personal and Farm Lines team won, reducing print by 39 percent. Marketing was close behind with a 38 percent reduction, and finance with 34 percent. In total, we knocked it out of the park reducing our printing by 10,000 pages in one week.
Our winning team got to choose a location for an Autumn Blaze Maple Tree to be planted on our grounds on Arbor Day. With the help of Springhetti's, a local landscaping business and SECURA policyholder, we are continuing our journey to make SECURA greener and to do our part in improving the environment.