Hijacked bank accounts. Now what?

Sheryl Baier, a SECURA agent and MILE-STONE Gold policyholder with Vaaler Insurance in Bismark, N.D., was getting ready for vacation with her two daughters when she learned a thief wiped out their bank accounts.
"We didn't have access to any money, except some change they left so the accounts wouldn't be flagged for being closed," said Sheryl. "It was a really sickening feeling."
Her bank was able to trace the account activity. The thief transferred the funds from her daughters' accounts to hers, then took all but a few coins and transferred it to an unknown account.
Typically with this type of fraud, the thief passes the money through several accounts before withdrawing it, often overseas. Fortunately for Sheryl, the bank recaptured the transfer within the week.
The bank got Sheryl's money back, but ID Theft 911® - a feature of her SECURA home and auto insurance policy - gave back her peace of mind.
"Their service is excellent. So helpful. I'm glad SECURA offers it," she said.
Donna Miller was Sheryl's caseworker from ID Theft 911. She and her colleagues have the expertise to help with everything from protecting people's accounts and identities to helping policyholders recover from fraud and identity theft.
"We take the load off — do the leg work and the paperwork," said Donna. "We want people to be as protected as they can be."
Since 17 identities are stolen every minute, you can feel confident knowing ID Theft 911 has vast resources to help protect you against and recover from fraud.