Luck or skill? Gear up for hole-in-one contests

Hey Ace, ready to sink your shot? If you're an avid golf lover, you're no doubt dreaming of bright green fairways, the rattle of clubs in a bag, and the tantalizing aroma of freshly clipped grass.
Know who else is gearing up for golf season? We are. Competition makes the game even more interesting, and many corporate and charity groups are already looking to their insurance agents for help sponsoring hole-in-one contests.
Here are four reasons we all love hole-in-one contests:
They generate a lot of publicity. Hole-in-one contests are crowd pleasers, because they offer players a one-time chance to win large sums of money, often in the tens of thousands of dollars.
It's rare, but not impossible. What if one or more golfers sink that shot? Event sponsors know some players get lucky – and players know it, too!
The prize is covered. We take care of the payout no matter how many lucky players ace that shot.
The signs point to fun. Our hole-in-one coverage includes colorful, custom-made signs that display the agency name, the sponsor's prize and hole number, and our logo. Sponsors can proudly display the sign on the course.
Do you have a hole-in-one experience to share? Tell us about it