Roadside Rescuer delivers service with ease

David Barran — a SECURA MILE-STONE® home and auto policyholder — carried his Roadside RescuerSM card in the front of his wallet; he wanted to be prepared if he needed the service, which provides roadside assistance.

And that need came sooner than he expected. After stopping for a snack on his way to a nearby golf course, David couldn’t get his car started. When jumper cables didn’t work, he opened his wallet and saw the Roadside Rescuer card.

Quality assistance at every turn
The representative that David spoke with offered support and peace of mind, suggesting ways to get the car started and contacting a reliable towing company.

“Halfway through the conversation, the call was already placed for a tow truck,” said David. “We covered a lot of ground in 10 minutes.”

David worried about how long it would take for help to arrive as he watched the Friday rush hour traffic piling up, but he didn’t have to wait long. The tow truck driver showed up in 25 minutes, jumped the car, and gave him directions to a battery shop less than a mile away. The driver even gave David his number to call in case anything went wrong along the way, promising to return and pick him up. David pulled into the battery shop and, while his battery was being replaced, received a call from another Roadside Rescuer representative checking to make sure he was taken care of.

“That is the kind of help and service you don’t believe is available anymore! I was totally impressed!” said David. “The way the whole thing was handled was super. Everything was more than perfect.”

SECURA’s Roadside Rescuer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you’re out of gas, locked out, stranded with a flat tire or dead battery, and more. The service is included for vehicles with physical damage coverage on MILE-STONE Gold policies, and is available in our MILE-STONE Basic and monoline auto policies with the purchase of towing coverage.