SECURA donates to breast cancer research in honor of loved ones

It started with a desire to do something meaningful. To make an impact in an area that affects millions. And so we launched our annual One by One campaign.

Our promise was to donate to the cause of breast cancer research for every new MILE-STONE® home and auto policy written Aug.1 – Oct. 31. As such, we will give more than $13,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, making our three-year campaign total more than $71,000.

What makes this even more special is that we donated these funds in honor of our agents and community friends. See the list of those honored with the donations for the past three years.

Throughout the campaign, brave women helped us build awareness by telling us about their experiences with breast cancer. Their stories were ones of trials, tribulation, and triumph. We invite you to read their inspirational stories.

This year’s campaign may have ended Oct. 31, but our desire to raise awareness about prevention and early detection of breast cancer perseveres. The battle against breast cancer can be won, by the action of each of us, one by one.