Holiday outings offer lessons in safe event planning

The holiday season is filled with special events — holiday parties, sleigh rides, recitals, and more. But when you are in charge of planning one of these occasions, it’s up to you to make sure every detail is covered so your guests can have a fun — and safe — time.

Each of these special events offers distinct tips to help you plan a safe holiday function:
  1. Holiday party: Know the venue. Before the event, familiarize yourself with the area and determine any important parking details, as well as emergency and safety procedures. Knowing the area also will help you monitor your event for any unsafe or suspicious activities.
  2. Sleigh Ride: Avoid slip and fall hazards. Create a safe path for guests to get on and off the sleigh. Shovel a clear walkway, and use salt to get rid of any ice. If your guests will be walking inside, keep the floor clear of debris, and cover or tape cords and cables to prevent trips. Use mats to prevent guests with wet shoes from slipping on the floor.
  3. Dance Recital: Maintain sufficient lighting. When the lights go up on the stage and down on the audience, exits still should be clearly visible. Use some form of lighting on the stairs or walkways in case someone needs to leave during the performance. For your own event, determine the appropriate lighting to keep your guests safe and accident free.
  4. Art and Craft Fair: Know your vendors. If you are working with external vendors or exhibitors, make sure you understand all aspects of their activities, including safety procedures. Plus, if you plan to have door prizes or a raffle at your event, review all state and federal regulations pertaining to lotteries and gambling.