Leap Day brings 24 hours of opportunity

There just are not enough hours in the day.

We’ve all uttered that line. But today, it’s strictly forbidden, thanks to imperfect meshing of our 365-day year and the astronomical year.

Using algorithms we don’t fully understand (nor do most of us want to), every four years we get a Leap Day to prevent the Earth from spinning off into a black hole … or something like that.

Leap Day gives extra hours — 24 of them to be exact. But what will we do with them? Below you’ll find a few simple ideas on how to get the most out of Leap Day.

Wake up early. This one is no-brainer. You’re getting extra time; don’t waste it by sleeping in. Make a nice breakfast for loved ones or get in a workout.

Surprise someone with a random act of kindness. Drop off a nonfat latte or tea for a co-worker, pay someone a compliment, help out a neighbor. Even the smallest favors can brighten someone’s day.

Spend extra time outdoors. Go for a walk during your lunch hour. Take the dog to the dog park or drag yourself to the people park and swing on the swings.

Take the scenic route on your way home from work. Stop wondering what’s down that street you never drive. Today, you have extra time. So turn left instead of right. Of course, if you normally turn left then substitute a right…you get the idea.

Call an old friend. Come on, this one is worth it to hear the surprise in their voice when they say, “I haven’t talked to you in ages.” Caution: Do not reply with, “Well, I had some extra time to kill with this whole Leap Day thing happening.”

These are just a few ideas in an infinite list of what to do with your additional 24 hours on Feb. 29. The point is to give Leap Day some added meaning and have some fun. So take the leap and enjoy.

In full disclosure, I may have made up that business about black holes.