Equip your farm machinery for safe travel on roads

Traveling on public roads with farm and commercial machinery requires extra precautions because these vehicles are large and carry a wide variety of materials.

If you drive these types of vehicles, follow these guidelines to keep yourself and others safe on the roads:

• Make sure appropriate placards are in place on all machinery, including slow-moving vehicle signs.
• Check all lights and signaling devices to be sure they are working.
• Cover any load that has the potential to throw debris such as grains, gravel, or mulch.
• Balance all loads so the weight is evenly distributed throughout the truck or trailer.
• Properly secure the trailer hitch.
• Use extra caution when entering or exiting roadways to avoid collisions with other vehicles.
• Drive at a slower speed, allowing for better control and more time to react to other vehicles.
• Don’t make sudden stops, accelerations, or turns.

For more information about driving farm vehicles on public roads, visit the National Ag Safety Database.