Identity theft experts recover honeymooner’s stolen identity

If you’ve ever misplaced your wallet or purse, you know the undeniable feeling of panic that ensues. You search frantically for your valuable possession while hoping that someone isn’t using your credit cards. How will you get it back? How many funds have been withdrawn? How will you deal with replacing all your information? And then you find it and breathe a long sigh of relief while vowing to never let it leave your sight again. At least, we hope.

Too many times, though, the purse or wallet is in the hands of the wrong person.

On her honeymoon, of all places, Amber* had her purse stolen. She lost her credit cards and financial documents. Fortunately, she had the foresight to contact an identity resolution expert. The expert helped her recover the items while freezing all her accounts until her return home.

The thief only made one fraudulent purchase, and it was removed from Amber’s account. The best part is that her file will continue to be monitored by fraud experts to make sure her identity truly is secure.

Amber was lucky to have identity fraud restoration coverage as part of her insurance policy. We offer identity theft coverage – complete with resources to prevent identity theft from happening in the first place – to all our home and auto customers.

See what other value-added services our policyholders receive, or ask your insurance agent to do a little research into your policy. Perhaps you have an unexpected coverage that could come in handy.

* Name changed for privacy reasons.