ID theft risk doesn't take a vacation because you do

Vacation time is all about leaving your cares behind and focusing on the fun. However, with identity theft on the rise, you'll want to take extra precautions to ensure thieves don't cut the fun short. Follow these tips to help keep your identity safe while on vacation.

Preplanning is key.
Limit what you carry in your wallet on vacation. That means remove any extra credit cards, your Social Security card, and any documents that may have personal information on them. Similarly, don't carry your checkbook and additional bank or debit cards unless necessary.  

Use your hotel safe. Place important documents and credit cards you don't need in your hotel safe. Never assume a locked room will keep thieves from rummaging through your belongings.  

Be cautious with computer use. Whether you brought your own computer or plan to use an Internet cafĂ©, don't assume Internet connections are secure. Avoid accessing any online banking or personal accounts with sensitive information.  

Don't put your faith in a locked car. Don't leave personal information and belongings in your car, whether visible or in the glove compartment. Carry what you need and leave the rest in your hotel safe.  

Don't forget about home. Make sure to halt mail service or have a friend or neighbor retrieve your mail each day. For identity thieves, a mailbox is a treasure chest of personal information. With a little common sense and preplanning, you can ensure your vacation memories don't include months of work to repair damage from identity theft. For an article about this topic and additional tips, click here.  

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