Three steps to an organized home

Storing excessive amounts of items in your home, whether they’re used regularly or just collecting dust, can create an unsafe environment — even if confined to one area.

If a visitor tripped over clutter in your home,
you could be liable for his or her injury. What’s more, chemicals or other flammable materials stored improperly could lead to a fire.

Plus, if you were to have a loss, the disorganization may make it difficult to identify everything that was damaged, slowing the claim process and the time it takes to get your home back to normal.

Here are three simple ways to reduce your risk and keep your home organized:

1. Start with the biggest offenders
It’s easy for clutter to accumulate in storage areas such as garages and basements. Make sure flammable chemicals are stored away from sources of heat, which could cause them to ignite. Store materials such as paper or clothing in bins away from any chemicals. If a fire started, they would only help it spread faster.

2. Designate stations and compartments
Set up areas to store items that could become trip hazards, such as shoes or coats. You also can designate stations to organize mail, phones, and keys.

3. Create a home inventory
A home inventory is a record of belongings in your home. It could be a list or a video showing the contents of each room. In case of a claim, this inventory would help restore your home and possessions quickly.

Visit or for tools to help you create your own home inventory.