Accidents happen – but what happens next? 8 steps to give you peace of mind after an auto accident

As a safe driver, you take steps to avoid accidents, like checking your blind spot, using turn signals, and allowing enough distance between vehicles.

But even if you use all possible precaution, an auto accident still can happen — and it’s important to know what to do next so you can stay calm and safe.

Follow these steps after an accident:
  1. Do not leave the scene.
          • Call the police.
          • Don’t move any injured people unless
            absolutely necessary.
          • Direct other traffic around the accident.
  1. Record names, addresses, phone, and driver’s license numbers of all drivers.

  2. Get descriptions and license plate numbers of all cars involved.

  3. Get names, addresses, and phone numbers of all passengers and any witnesses.

  4. Diagram the accident, showing all cars involved.

  5. Make an immediate report to the police.

  6. State the facts of what you saw and what happened when asked by the investigating officer or an identified representative of your insurance carrier. Do not accept or place blame for the accident.

  7. Contact your insurance agent or carrier to report the incident, providing as many details as possible. 
If you’re a SECURA policyholder, we have a brochure you can keep in your car to help you complete these steps. Email us for a copy.