Fixing a damaged windshield: Do you repair or replace?

A chipped or cracked windshield can put your vehicle out of commission, leaving you without transportation until it’s fixed.

That’s why, if a rock or other debris hits your car, your first thought often is how to replace the windshield.

But you have another option. If it’s a small crack or chip, you usually can repair the damage just as effectively as replacing the glass, saving you time and money.

The repair process is simple and effective. By injecting special resins into the break, it improves the appearance of the glass and stops chips or cracks from spreading — without needing a new windshield. Best of all, repairing the glass typically takes less time than replacement, meaning you can get back on the road sooner.

Plus, if you choose this method, you may see benefits from your insurance company. For example, SECURA will waive policyholders’ deductibles if they select repair over replacement.

SECURA’s Glass Express program makes the claim process fast and easy
If you’re a SECURA policyholder and you experience auto glass damage, call 800-828-7047. You’ll immediately be connected with a trusted local shop to schedule the repair or replacement appointment, and we’ll get the claim process started for you.

You also will receive a 20/20 Perfect Vision guarantee, meaning if you experience damage to the same part of the glass within 20 months or 20,000 miles of the initial claim, it’s repaired or replaced at no charge, with no additional claim to file.