Trim your trees for a safe home and a beautiful yard

The trees in your yard can harm your property if they’re not maintained. They’re especially prone to damage when severe weather brings wind and hail that can knock down branches.

Here’s what you can do to protect your home and your trees:

Be proactive to prevent damage

Inspect your trees several times a year. If necessary, take the following actions to limit hazards:

•  Trim any large branches that could fall on your house.

•  Find and remove any broken or dead branches that are stuck
   in trees.

•  Contact a local arborist who can check for diseases and
   recommend other preventive steps to take.

Get tree removal help from your insurance company

You may have some protection in your homeowners insurance policy if a tree falls on your premises due to wind, ice, hail, or snow.

For example, if a storm causes a tree to fall and damage your house, a SECURA policy typically will pay to have it removed, up to $500 per tree and a total of $1,000. Your deductible would apply in this case. You’re also covered if the fallen tree lands on your driveway and blocks a vehicle from entering or leaving.

Similar provisions would apply to a neighbor’s tree that falls on your property due to a covered cause of loss.

Plus, homeowners policies often include coverage to help you remove other shrubs or plants that are damaged by a storm. Check your policy and talk to your insurance agent to see if you have this coverage.

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