Utility vehicles for yard work: what’s insured

Yard work can be a back-breaking job. To lighten the load, you could rent a utility vehicle. But before you do, understand the risks – and insurance implications – of doing so.

Lower the risk of injuries

Make sure you know how to operate the machinery. If you’re new to the equipment, ask for help from the rental company. If, after some training, you still don’t feel comfortable with the utility vehicle, do not rent it. You don’t need an injury.

You also should have the proper attire for the job. That might include gloves, safety glasses, ear protection, and steel-toe work boots.

Ask about insurance
The company renting you the vehicle might offer you some type of property insurance. Ask about their coverage and run it by your insurance agent to see whether it’s worth purchasing.

Know what your policy covers
Most home insurance policies offer liability and property insurance protection, but always check your policy to be sure. Here’s what SECURA’s MILE-STONE policy covers:

You have liability coverage if you’re using a utility vehicle at your home or cottage that we insure, and not for business purposes. If you do take the vehicle somewhere other than your insured location, you will not have liability protection.

Again, you’re covered for property damage if you’re using the motorized land machinery at your insured location, and the work isn’t business related.

If you purchase coverage from the company renting machinery to you, your home insurance policy would only kick in after the rental agency’s insurance.