Protect your employees from unwelcome intruders

It’s unpleasant to imagine an armed intruder making his or her way into your building to cause harm. Though you may think it’s unlikely, it is a possibility – and the best way to protect yourself from a life-threatening scenario is through proper planning and prevention efforts.

Essential preparation is creating an emergency action plan and conducting training exercises, according to the Department of Homeland Security. Read the information below to start working toward a safer workplace.

Create an emergency action plan
Get input from your HR and training departments, building/engineering staff, local law enforcement, and emergency responders to help create your emergency action plan, which can include:

•  An evacuation plan: Similar to a fire escape route, the map should show the quickest and easiest paths
   out of the building. Employees should only evacuate if it’s safe to do so.

•  Safe areas to hide out: Create safe areas around your workplace that are out of view from the intruder.
   Those areas should offer some sort of protection, such as doors that lock.

•  A method to communicate the emergency: Have a system for alerting employees to the danger and a
   way to contact local law enforcement and hospitals.

Conduct training exercises

Run drills occasionally to get your employees (and any guests) used to reacting correctly. Employees should be able to recognize an intruder alert and follow your emergency plan.

Additionally, have a local law enforcement officer on hand during your training drills to evaluate your emergency action plan and offer improvements.

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