Why service organizations need the right insurance policy

Service and social clubs — they’re part of the fabric of America. Our service organizations, youth sports boosters, and even bridge clubs play an essential role in supporting our community and creating valuable social connections.

But as varied as the needs these groups serve are, so too are the risks they face. Without insurance, even one small accident could wipe out your club’s financial reserves and create long-term debt. Even worse, your club members could be personally sued.

“Laws are different state by state, but as a board member, you could be volunteering your liability,” said Jeff Bykowski, Specialty Business Development Manager at SECURA Insurance. “That is a reality check for a lot of people.”

When bad things happen to good people

If an accident happens, you can’t count only on your good works or good reputation to protect you. Since you worked so hard to build your club’s public image, you need to partner with the best insurance agent and carrier. Your independent agent can help make sure you have the coverage you need in case accidents or damage occur.

Insurance coverage as unique as your club

“From parade floats to spaghetti dinners to classic car shows, service clubs engage in a wide variety of activities,” said Bykowski. “Providing the right protection requires a lot of conversation. People don’t realize everything their club does until they really stop to think about it. It’s like peeling an onion.”

For instance, if your group:

  • • Works with youth, you might need abuse insurance.
  • • Provides social services, you might need professional liability insurance.
  • • Sells beer or wine at an event, you might need liquor insurance.
  • • Hosts a bounce house, runs a parade float, or has a cookout, you might need special event insurance.
Work with an insurance agent who has experience with clubs and social groups. They can help your members understand the importance of liability insurance and design the appropriate policy.

Next, help your agent by making a thorough list of all the activities your club participates in.

Above all, don’t assume you have coverage. If you’re planning something new, tell your agent what you’re doing so they can make sure your organization and your members are protected.