Uncovering the insurance needs of an association

As a trade or business association, you provide benefits to your members by promoting the industry and offering educational opportunities.

Even though you typically don’t engage in the same operations as your members, you face unique risks as an association. That’s where a specialty insurance policy comes in.

Your policy should include coverage for the following:

Association events
If you host trade shows, fundraisers, conventions, or other activities, a standard commercial policy may not provide all the coverage you need. A special event policy can be tailored to the type of event, time frame, specific exposures, and more.


They play a key role in keeping your association running day to day. As such, they should be covered by your insurance. For example, if your volunteers work with children or in sheltered workshops, you may want to include them on your abuse or crime coverage.

Board of directors

A Non-Profit Directors and Officers (D&O) policy protects your association and leaders against liability risks. See the benefits of a D&O policy and why it’s important for your nonprofit.

To learn more or to make sure your association is properly covered, talk to your independent insurance agent or contact SECURA at 608-824-3462.