Maintain your tires for a safer, smoother drive

Tires are a crucial part of your day-to-day travels, but they may be easily overlooked when you’re inspecting your car. However, there are significant benefits to checking them frequently — including better fuel economy, a safer drive, and easier handling of your vehicle.

Follow these tips to ensure a smooth ride.

Check your tire pressure. Tires can lose air naturally over time. You should check all four tires monthly to be sure they are within the recommended pressure limits. Having under- or overinflated tires can lead to blowouts, flat tires, or other tire failures. 

Lighten the load. The amount you carry in your vehicle can affect tire performance. You’ll find the load limit — the most a car can safely carry — on the tire information placard, vehicle certification label, or owner’s manual. Exceeding this limit will increase the wear on your tires.

Inspect the tread. When the tire tread is worn down, it won’t provide the traction your vehicle needs to keep from sliding on the road. A simple way to test it is to insert a penny in the tread, with Lincoln’s head upside down. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, the tread is too worn, and the tire should be replaced.

Rotate the tires to prevent irregular wear. Your owner’s manual can guide you on how often this should be done.

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