Top 10 outdoor music festival survival tips

If you love having a sing-a-long with thousands of other music-lovers and relish the excitement of catching your favorite band on stage, then one of the many summer music festivals held around the country is in order. Make your experience more enjoyable by following these top 10 festival survival tips:
  1. Drink lots of water. Dehydration and heat stroke are among the top medical problems for festival attendees, and can be life-threatening. Check if carry-ins of food or beverages are prohibited and plan accordingly. 
  2. Come prepared. Pack items like bug spray, ear plugs, rain gear, and a Sharpie – hey, you might run into your favorite artist while standing in line for a corn dog. Remember that there are likely port-a-potties, so a small pack of tissues and some hand sanitizer are in order.
  3. Lather up. The quickest way to ruin a good time is with a really bad sunburn. Apply a good sunscreen regularly throughout the day and encourage others to as well.
  4. Bring a flashlight. After an exhausting day of dancing, screaming, and walking, the last thing you want is to search endlessly in the dark for where you parked your car or set up camp. Consider downloading one of the many available car-finder apps to help. And do we need to remind you about those port-a-potties…in the dark?
  5. Leave Fido at home. Unless they're registered service animals, pets often are prohibited. The large crowds, loud music, and hot weather can agitate even the most lovable animal and pose a risk to you, your pet, and others.
  6. Remember prescription medications. Hot, dusty weather can trigger asthma, migraines, and other medical conditions. Include ibuprofen or other over-the-counter medications to help with aches and pains.
  7. Wear good walking shoes. This is not the time to make a fashion statement. It is not uncommon for festival-goers to walk 10 miles or more a day going to and from venues. Besides, flip flops in a mosh pit are a recipe for disaster.
  8. Be a good neighbor. If you’re camping, stay within your site boundaries. Also, check the grill and open fire policy. Most events have restrictions on open campfires and do not allow wood brought in from more than 25 miles away to help prevent the spread of invasive insects and plant diseases.
  9. Plan ahead. Visit the festival’s website for the full schedule of artists. Your event may have an app that can be downloaded to your smartphone — it lets you choose which concerts you want to attend and automatically creates a personalized custom schedule so you don’t miss a beat.
  10. Be yourself. Many attendees see the festival atmosphere as an opportunity to party hard and let it all go — often forgetting the values they uphold the other 364 days of the year. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption, and refuse to use illegal drugs. Besides, your actions may not be so private in the world of social media, and you might just end up being “that guy” on the nightly news.
A music festival is a unique experience that can create life-long memories. Make sure those memories are all positive ones by staying safe and living a life of no regrets.