Do I need special insurance for a customized vehicle?

A vehicle is an extension of your personality and lifestyle. Eco-conscious drivers may opt for a car with clean-burning fuel, a farmer might own a pickup truck, or an executive may drive a luxury vehicle as a status symbol.

Others choose to “accessorize” their ride with custom wheels, decals, or other enhancements to show off their style.

In addition to cosmetic changes, there can be practical added features like a snow plow, winch, or handicap accessibility devices.

But there’s something to consider when customizing a vehicle beyond its original condition. Are those added features covered by a typical auto insurance policy?

Not likely. When you purchase comprehensive and collision coverage, your vehicle is covered for physical damage to any original equipment, but typically not for added features — unless you have custom furnishings and equipment coverage.

Custom equipment includes anything that was not in the vehicle when it rolled off the assembly line at the auto plant. In addition to the examples shown above, this might include:
  • Custom grilles, spoilers, side pipes, or hood scoops
  • Murals or graphics
  • Facilities for cooking or sleeping
  • Anti-roll or anti-sway bars
  • Height-extending roofs
  • Furniture, bars, television receivers, or custom carpeting
So make sure to ask your SECURA independent agent about custom furnishings and equipment coverage for any special modifications you've made to your vehicle.

Then, confidently get your show on the road.