Top 6 ways to avoid sweet temptation during Halloween

Mmmmm… Halloween candy can be a Life Saver… not to mention a Snickers, Twizzlers, Tootsie Roll, M&M, and Skittles. And don’t forget the stomachache and those few extra pounds that go along with it all.

It’s fun to see children dressed up and trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. But before long, your kitchen table is mounded high with piles of sugary candy to tempt and tease.

Here are a few ways you can reduce the sweet temptation and have a guilt-free Halloween.

1. Establish rules.
Designate a small container for treats. Your child decides what to keep. Then, develop a plan together for how much and how often candy can be eaten. What do you do with left-over candy that doesn’t fit in the jar?

2. Donate the treats.
Operation Gratitude will accept donations of unopened Halloween treats to be sent to troops serving overseas. Also, check with local food pantries.

3. Contact your dentist's office.
Some dental clinics will "buy back" unopened Halloween treats. Check with your dentist to find out if they participate in a similar program.

4. Bring it to the office.
That’s right; why not have some help consuming those extra calories?

5. Give non-food items.
Consider handing out items like pencils, glow sticks, tiny decks of cards, bookmarks, small containers of play dough, key chains, stickers, and other non-food items as treats. It ensures you won’t be enticed by that half-empty bag of Kit-Kats that’s left over after Halloween.

6. Incorporate fun and fitness.
Challenge kids to skip or hop from door to door, walk backwards, or other energy-burning activities. Maybe even give them inexpensive pedometers and reward the child with the most steps (just don’t reward them with more candy!).

You don’t have to be scared stiff when Halloween rolls around. Besides, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and turning down another helping of pumpkin pie is a whole other story...