Hunting for hunting insurance

Hunting Club Insurance

Aim for full coverage with SECURA

Camo is a part of life in rural America, and there are a host of clubs, organizations, and businesses that cater to hunters, archers, and gun enthusiasts.

Businesses: Gun ranges, hunt clubs, guide services

These types of businesses are a great way to combine your personal passion with a profitable profession. As you grow your business, you’ll have the same concerns as any small business owner, plus some additional things to consider like whether the activities of your members are covered under your policy. Talk to one of our experienced independent agents to make sure you are properly protected.

The 4 essential layers of campground insurance

Campground Insurance

A successful camping trip is all about preparation – setting the dates, planning the route, and packing what you’ll need to thrive. Campground owners and operators should have an insurance plan that covers their specialized needs and can help them weather any storm.

There are multiple layers of coverage to consider, whether you cater to tents and RVs or day campers and outdoor rec groups. With SECURA, you can tailor a policy to your needs so you can focus on your guests.

Joseph M. Wiedemann & Sons recognizes SECURA as Agency Partner of the Year

Joseph M. Wiedemann & SECURA Insurance

We want the best for our customers, and we truly believe the independent agents we partner with want the same. By creating strong relationships with the agents who bring you our products, we are confident our customers are getting the coverage they need from the right providers.

Joseph M Wiedemann & Sons Agency Partner of the Year Award SECURA
We recognize our top -performing agents every year but, recently, the roles were reversed when
Joseph M.Wiedemann & Sons recognized SECURA as their Partner Carrier of the Year at the agency’s annual golf outing at St. Charles Country Club in Illinois.

“Our agents are a vital part of what we do here at SECURA,” said Shane Roh, Regional Vice President of Sales. “Being recognized as their top partner is what we strive for every day, because we want to support all the agents at Joseph M. Wiedemann & Sons as they do what’s best for their customers.”

Through the years, we’ve been recognized by some of theinsurance industry’s top rating services, but earning an award from those we do business with every day is especially rewarding.

Insurance protection for boat and kayak rental services

Kayak and boat rental insurance

Don’t take on water with gaps in insurance

“For sale: Almost new kayak – used once.”

Ads like this one flood craigslist and make renting a boat or kayak a much better option than storing it all winter.

Of course, that’s no secret to people who rent boats, kayaks, and canoes for a living. It’s a great attraction to add to other outdoor rec ventures and can be a major draw in lake country.