Unique insurance risks for Mobile Home Parks

Mobile Home Park Insurance

Tiny homes, huge potential

300 square feet?

It seems impossible to live like that, but it’s also impossible to flip TV channels without landing on a show about tiny homes or mobile lifestyles.

Demand for mobile home parks is once again growing, especially near metro areas. For young people buying their first home or retirees looking to downsize and travel, these housing options offer the benefits of low overhead and flexibility.

Insurance for mobile home parks

If you own or operate a mobile home park, you know you have different needs than an apartment building or condo community. You have the liability of the park to consider. Plus, you may have additional features like common property such as a clubhouse or swimming pools that entice your customers, but cause you a few gray hairs.

If you’re part of the tiny house movement, make sure your investment is well protected. Let SECURA help.