Trust your spa to insurance experts

Would you let just anyone cut your hair?

Your phone is always ringing. Your inbox is flooded. If you have a fitness tracker or smart watch, you’re connected even when you sleep.

The stress of being connected 24/7 is driving people to look for relief, and they’re heading to the spa. According to the International SPA Association (ISPA), the spa industry is on an upward swing.

If you own or operate a spa or personal enhancement business, be sure to protect your growing business with insurance.

Your business is as unique as the services you offer, and the lines separating health, wellness, and spa services are blurring more every day. That puts your business in a special class of risk, beyond a standard Business Owners Policy. You may need special coverage for things like professional liability for the spa services provided, abuse and molestation, equipment breakdown, and loss of income. Coverage extensions also may be available for independent contractors you use in your operations.

Speak with one of our independent agents about your business, and let us help identify your risks. Visit our website today to find an independent SECURA agent in your area.