Food Trucks – A growing trend with no end in sight

Food Truck Insurance Infographic
According to The Economist, there are more than 4,000 food trucks in the U.S. and the numbers continue to rise.

It’s amazing how $2 tacos or lattes can add up to a $1.6 billion dollar industry.

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SECURA knows these unique businesses have unique risks, and our Specialty Lines coverage has a lot to offer these businesses.
  • Comprehensive Auto Coverage (with a variety of deductibles and coverage options)
  • Business Personal Property and Mobile Property Coverage (including commercial prep spaces, equipment inside the truck, canopies, tables, and portable cooking equipment)
  • Property Damage Liability
  • Business Interruption for Scheduled Vehicles
  • Mobile Property Coverage
  • Spoilage Coverage
  • Blanket Additional Insured for Auto & General Liability
  • Primary/Non-Contributory Endorsements available
  • Short-term or annual policies available (for General Liability only)
  • Products and Completed Operations Coverage

Bonus: Startup businesses aren’t a deal breaker for this class, as long as the owners have restaurant ownership or management experience.