Special Event Coverage from SECURA

Don’t let an event to remember become a claim you’d rather forget

There are so many details in planning any special event, and likely, insurance isn’t the first thing you check off the list. More likely, you’ll reach out to your agent with a frantic question: “We’re having a special event next week. Does my policy cover that?”

That’s a loaded question. Depending on the carrier, type of coverage, and type of event, the answer may not be black and white. So, why chance it?

A short- or long-term special event policy from SECURA Specialty Lines might be a better option with a very affordable premium.

Here are five reasons you should consider Special Event coverage for your next event.

  1. Quick turnaround – For new and existing clients, it’s easy to secure a special event policy. Our Specialty Lines team can bind special events in 24 hours or less.

  2. Keeps coverage separate – Depending on the policyholder and type of event, you might not want an event-related claim to affect your other coverage and limits. You may also need to provide additional insured coverage, for event organizers or other contracted parties.

  3. Liquor liability – Many special events bring together liquor and large groups of people — a risky combination. Liquor liability protects you from issues on- and off-site of the event.

  4. Special event auto – Valet service is probably not part of your daily routine, but it could be a significant risk for a special event. Special event auto also protects hired/non-owned autos for individuals running errands for the event.

  5. Expert claims service – Our knowledgeable claims representatives are available 24/7 to assist you if something happens at your event.

Make sure insuring your special events is on your checklist. Ask your SECURA agent for more information or find a SECURA licensed agent near you.