Need insurance for your health club?

Health and Fitness Club Insurance
Your basement might have a treadmill, but somehow, it’s just not as motivating as your gym.

The amenities are what members love about fitness and health clubs, but they’re also what make them tough to insure. From rock-climbing walls and juice bars to lap pools to heavy weights, the equipment alone can pose some challenges to coverage.

Tick bite prevention and treatment

Summer is filled with outdoor activities. Whether you're camping, hiking, or doing some general exploring, it's important that you check for ticks. There are many ways to prevent ticks, but even the most precautionary individuals can be vulnerable and may need to know how to treat a tick bite in the short and long term.

Keeping your Fourth of July fun and incident-free

Fourth of July Boating

Happy Fourth of July! It’s a great day to show your patriotism, but there are some inherent risks that come with many of the traditional Independence Day celebrations, which include setting off fireworks, going boating, and hosting a barbecue. These quick reminders can help you enjoy these activities safely.