Keeping your Fourth of July fun and incident-free

Fourth of July Boating

Happy Fourth of July! It’s a great day to show your patriotism, but there are some inherent risks that come with many of the traditional Independence Day celebrations, which include setting off fireworks, going boating, and hosting a barbecue. These quick reminders can help you enjoy these activities safely.


Each year, over 50,000 fires are started due to fireworks. Never try to make your own fireworks. Homemade fireworks are unpredictable, and can easily cause injury to you or your guests.

Don’t point fireworks or sparklers at yourself or others, whether lit or not, and make sure the surface that you are lighting fireworks off of is dry and fire resistant. It also is a good idea to keep a hose or bucks of water nearby, just in case. Click to find more tips for a safe fireworks show.


Before leaving land, always check to make sure that there are enough life preservers for all passengers.

You should never drink alcohol while driving boat. Make sure that every time you go out onto the water, there is more than one person who knows how to operate the boat. You never know when there will be an emergency where the initial driver is injured or incapacitated.

Thinking about bringing your pet with you on the water? These 6 tips will keep them happy and safe.


Before you start grilling, check the gas hoses for leaks and holes that can cause grill fires and explosions.

Never grill inside — even a garage can make ventilation difficult, trapping carbon monoxide. Grilling inside also increases fire risk.

Keep the grill at least two feet away from anything that could catch fire quickly like branches or the siding of the house. Clear an area around your grill and make sure any guests, especially children, understand that they need to be careful in that area.

Once you're done grilling, be sure to safely store any gasoline or LP cylinder tanks.

No matter what activity you and your loved ones do, have a safe Fourth of July!